You can call me Sergeant 

A few weeks ago, the beautiful Angelique Joy invited a group of creatives to take a political stand in the form of art. Gladly, I raised both hands.

The images from a set appropriately dubbed ‘A Prime Ministers Supper’ are the results of a magical, spontaneous evening, can be found on my Instagram page, a proud ode to our current political situation.. I’ll leave that ominous and let you find the images for yourselves..

After the main portion of the shoot, Maddie and I raided the prop cupboard, because we just can’t help ourselves. Finding two hats of absolute perfection, naturally, started shooting again, because we can.

Thank you angels.. For a wonderful evening of creating and freedom ❤


A little something I penned..


You can call me Sergeant 

I carry words like harpoons

Steady now sailor, I’ve got it out for you

Throw me a Sergeant hat, it’s a formality

Roll up, roll up

Watch me dance as I dress you down

You’ve got a nerve on you don’t you?

Big ‘smart’ mouth

You bore me with your empty words

Are you still talking? I hadn’t noticed

Belittle me, oh!

That will be fun watching you fail

I can feel the desperation from here

Tripping over

A tongue too big for your mouth

There’s a revolution now, honey

You’re not invited

Big bad wolves don’t scare me anymore

I run to the woods not away from them

Give me a megaphone

Big boots and a sisterhood standing strong

We’re a new wave of radical, unafraid of you




MagicShootDay_Play_Selections_AnM.jpgMagicShootDay_Play_Selections_AnM 6.jpgMagicShootDay_Play_Selections_AnM 13.jpgMagicShootDay_Play_Selections_AnM 14.jpgMagicShootDay_Play_Selections_AnM 22.jpgMagicShootDay_Play_Selections_AnM 40.jpgMagicShootDay_Play_Selections_AnM 60.jpgMagicShootDay_Play_Selections_AnM 54.jpgMagicShootDay_Play_Selections_AnM 84.jpgMagicShootDay_Play_Selections_AnM 56.jpg

Bite the bullet

My loves..


I know its been awhile, this little bee has been busy! I’ve moved house, I’ve traveled – All the things! Good things mainly.. but life does do that hectic thing sometimes.

Tonight though.. I promise you is worth the wait. Remember I mentioned an epic project with an obscenely talented musician by the name of Christos Liminos, band to Xpystos..? Well, tonight my faithful readers, is the night to watch this brand new video! Good things come to those who wait, after all.

All orignal music and lyrics from Chris, videography and editing by Dan, photography and videography by the epic Rom, hair, make-up and all kinds of crazy prop help from Tess.

Im talking – This woman used a leaf bower to get the black tule on the right angle to blow the fabric upwards just right, while Rom was scooting around on a desk chair, pushed by Chris, to catch me in flight wrestling with all the tule. Yes. This project was epic on all the levels.

This video pushed me to a new place, of which I am forever grateful. Chris, thank you for allowing me to portray your words from your soul onto screen. This is such a sacred act between artists, to trust another with your art – Thank you.

Thank you creative family. For pushing me, making me feel safe, 12am pizza and adventures I will always look back and smile about.




Band:  Xpysotos

Album booklet makeup and hair artist: Oh_no_spfx

Video make-up and hair artist: Tess, Red Widow 

Videography and editing: Dan Armstrong

Videography and album photography: Rom Anthonis 


With love,

Amy xx


416 Skoria - Album Artwork (B&W).jpg417 Skoria - Album Artwork (B&W).jpg420 Skoria - Album Artwork (B&W).jpg421 Skoria - Album Artwork (B&W).jpg424 Skoria - Album Artwork (B&W).jpg418 Skoria - Album Artwork (B&W).jpg422 Skoria - Album Artwork (B&W).jpg

Continuous maddness

My loves,


I have something special for you today…

Nicole Melrose and I have recently been wandering. Partnering up together for shoots, mischief and gin – Always, gin.

Stephen Wong walked into our lovely air BnB apartment one morning, shooting some stills and then brought out a video camera, waved it in the air and said “I’m not sure what we could do.. but I have this!”, one outfit change later, and we were shooting the below video. No script. No conversation. No planning. Just sheer fun, chemistry and chaos.

My darling girl, it is a privilege to know, I love you to pieces ❤






IMG_8162.jpgIMG_8143.jpgIMG_8157.jpgAmy and Nicole with Bicycle 3D.jpg


Studio playtime

My loves,

I know, its been awhile!

Between some health issues and my book release of ‘Phoenix’, things have been a little wild!

Today, I come to you with a full set from the wonderful Cam Attree from my trip to Brisbane last year. He let me do one of my favourite things – Run amuck in a studio and create shapes. Sooo much fun! Thank you Cam, for allowing me to create with your talented soul.

To find your ‘Phoenix’, click here. For signed copies, please message me privately via or my IG account.





Photographed by: Cam Attree 

Make-up and hair by: Kyanne Wagensveld


JYzxl6OoAmy Heather 20180909 Studio Shoot-189-EditAmy Heather 20180909 Studio Shoot-213-Edit-EditAmy Heather 20180909 Studio Shoot-210-EditAmy Heather 20180909 Studio Shoot-198-Edita7S4pDoGAmy Heather 20180909 Studio Shoot-133-EditAmy Heather 20180909 Studio Shoot-157-EditAmy Heather 20180909 Studio Shoot-149-EditxKi8A1wzd5K1b90ZjXVdliffHu-ILo5x75lT1KpbSGJRQ2uyBot8t2u1Amy Heather 20180909 Studio Shoot-251-EditAmy Heather 20180909 Studio Shoot-255-EditxLxJAmqQhI4gw09X

ION Magazine

Today’s an exciting day.. I have been interviewed!

The wonderful Stephen Wong from ION Magazine talked with me about art, how the world perceives art nude photography, my always kooky personality and of coarse.. ‘Phoenix’ my debut novel taking flight on the 14th of March.

To quote myself (it doesn’t get odder than this..):

When asked about shooting art nude and the complexities that brings – “To me, art modelling is the rawest form of modelling”

And on the exciting, yet terrifying release of ‘Phoenix’ – “It feels as though my soul is splashed throughout its pages”.

My talk with ION, is nothing short of 100% honesty as always, just as art ought to be in my opinion.

Check out the entire interview and image spread with your FREE download of ION magazine at: ION Magazine – March Issue 

In the spirt of celebrating the below images this week, are a brand new full set, following one of the images featured in this article. A black and white dance of jumping on hotel beds after a wine, or two.. Shot by the magnificent Rom Anthonis, who never ceases to push me to new creative levels. Thank you for being my muse.

Amy xx


Until the my loves, keep up to date on my Instgram

To purchase my new book on the 14th of March, click HERE!

*For signed copies of Phoenix, please send me a personal message on any one of my social media sites with your requests, full name, and address*.

Excerpt From: Stephen Wong. “ION Magazine – Issue 6 February 2019.” iBooks.


In motion

They say, stick to what your good at. Why not combine them!

Strengths: Drinking wine before noon

Weaknesses: Inability to wear pants

One sunny morning in Melbourne, Rom and I tried a new tactic. We are always on the hunt for ‘whats next’, the ‘finding’ we like to call it. Always ‘finding’ something new.. A new emotion to portray, a new style of shooting, an angle, a place, a mood. Thinking less and shooting more, in the spur of the moment without the over-think. To embrace the unexpected, we threw on some music and I was directed only to let loose. Don’t think, just move.

In amongst the mess of  my hotel room at The Cullen, dancing to ‘The Jungle Giants’ seemed like a great place to end up.

Just a girl with a messy mop top and zero inhibitions, wine in hand and in motion.

Thank you for allowing me to be entirely myself on and off your lens Rom, you are one special human.




Photographed: Rom Anthonis 



Not your average blog day..

My dears, I am so sorry I have been neglectful and not posted on here for awhile! The time has come.. to reveal where my creative energy has been directed as of late..


More specifically, have been writing a book, before I even knew I was writing a book. Through the many poems you’ve read on Prep Pose Polish for the past two years, in my pointy one liner Instagram captions, on the back of countless napkins at coffee shops, in notebooks while on holiday, on scrappy bits of paper that lay forgotten at the bottom of draws, in the ‘notes’ section on my phone CONSTANTLY when unable to find a blank piece of paper or a pen.. These poems, are made up of sections of my heart and soul that have been collated and stitched back together. Laid bare and raw, in the hope to connect, give a warm hug or a comforting voice in the dark nights. Words to cry by, be empowered from, fall in love to and even stories to make you bite your lip with lust.

Entitled ‘Phoenix’ my debut book of poems will probably break your heart, but then aims to fill it up whole.

Within my 25 years of life, I feel I have lived a few lives. I’ve always felt older than I am. Yes, my taste in music and poison of choice, jazz and a gin and tonic, are straight out of the 1920’s, so I am probably even in the wrong time altogether! But no, I mean I have had a lot of life happen, in a short amount of years.

I have loved, I have lost. I have given, I have been taken from. Taken for granted. Taken through hell. Been broken. Been rebuilt. A good girl. A bad girl. A happy girl. A girl who almost wasn’t here at all.

Now, I come to you as a woman. A little bit smarter, a hell of a lot stronger, a Phoenix reborn from the very walls that tried to burn her down.

I invite you into a private space, the corners of my mind that have hurt me greater than any hurt I have been inflicted, which is saying something.

Welcome home, pull up a comfortable chair, a cup of tea, or a gin and let your wings unfurl.




Book dropping: 14th of MARCH 2019 

Available for worldwide online purchase

Watch this space and my Instagram for updates!


Cover image, the infamous: Rom Anthonis
Rom – Website 
Rom – Instagram 


Cedar Creek

Take me back to Ceader creek

Where the water runs clear

And the winds whisper lullabies


Mark Rhodes and I went adventuring the first day we met in September this year. I’d flown into Brisbane that morning, a little rusty from the bight and shiny wake up call of 3:30am, but full of creative energy!


Mark picked me up from the airport and in true wandering spirit, asked me what kind of terrain I felt like exploring today. Ceader Creek had me at the mention of waterfalls!


The location was stunning. Every angle you looked, there was another rock to climb, fallen tree to lie on or water to wade through, there were so many spots to get amongst and create shapes within.


I will never accurately be able to explain the serenity of shooting fine art nudes in nature.. The song of the birds in the trees, the rustle of branches and the bubbling of creeks, natures quiet rhythm – Swoon worthy.


Forever one of my favourite adventures, thank you Mark!


I am heading back to Brisbane again in March 2019, for local photographers, I am taking bookings now!





Photographed: Mark Rhodes Photography Mark Rhodes Photography 




Cherrybomb – Amy Heather 


I wont forget when we met at twilight

Finding her waiting

All glitter and fur coat

Walking in step immediately


She sipped from her martini glass

Twirling her olives

A 1950’s daydream

Hair in pin curls and a red lip


We got along like a house on gasoline

Laughs a tumbling

Conversation flowing

The best of friends now, always


She stepped into my life like a cherrybomb

A glittery whirlwind

Gin and tonic partner

Being our mischievous selves


My combination of delicate and ruthless

You remind me of me

And I remind you of you

Darling, lets go and ruffle feathers


Models: Self and Nicole Melrose 

Photographed: Rom Anthonis