Cedar Creek

Take me back to Ceader creek

Where the water runs clear

And the winds whisper lullabies


Mark Rhodes and I went adventuring the first day we met in September this year. I’d flown into Brisbane that morning, a little rusty from the bight and shiny wake up call of 3:30am, but full of creative energy!


Mark picked me up from the airport and in true wandering spirit, asked me what kind of terrain I felt like exploring today. Ceader Creek had me at the mention of waterfalls!


The location was stunning. Every angle you looked, there was another rock to climb, fallen tree to lie on or water to wade through, there were so many spots to get amongst and create shapes within.


I will never accurately be able to explain the serenity of shooting fine art nudes in nature.. The song of the birds in the trees, the rustle of branches and the bubbling of creeks, natures quiet rhythm – Swoon worthy.


Forever one of my favourite adventures, thank you Mark!


I am heading back to Brisbane again in March 2019, for local photographers, I am taking bookings now!






Photographed: Mark Rhodes Photography Mark Rhodes Photography 





Cherrybomb – Amy Heather 


I wont forget when we met at twilight

Finding her waiting

All glitter and fur coat

Walking in step immediately


She sipped from her martini glass

Twirling her olives

A 1950’s daydream

Hair in pin curls and a red lip


We got along like a house on gasoline

Laughs a tumbling

Conversation flowing

The best of friends now, always


She stepped into my life like a cherrybomb

A glittery whirlwind

Gin and tonic partner

Being our mischievous selves


My combination of delicate and ruthless

You remind me of me

And I remind you of you

Darling, lets go and ruffle feathers


Models: Self and Nicole Melrose 

Photographed: Rom Anthonis 






Blood and Bone

Blood and bone – Amy Heather 


Bite back the blood and bone

The sand

The dust

Submerge and rebirth anew


Captured by the hair and body

The face

The neck

Eyes in the back of my head


Woman possessed out of breath

The gasp

The heat

Clawing forward to new blood


These bones are stronger now

The hands

The heart

Tough deep through to my core


Photographed: Rom Anthonis

Make-up: Oh No Special FX

Hand prints: Limnios Christos








Diamonds – Amy Heather 


She wore diamonds

As she sipped from a martini glass


Look aimed above you

Across the room a stare unseeing


She walks a glacier

Floating through the room in fur


Fingertips, red lips

Tracing down a porcelain frame


She glimmers blues

Blinking upwards, a look for you


Photographed: Nicole Luneburg







Lighting – Amy Heather 


Silver, wraps me in a cool caress

Seduced in the gleam

Lightning hot


She’s special, a delicate flower

With the fiercest thorns

Force of nature


She’s grew up in a hurricane

Let the rain pour down

She will only grow


Silver, would you hold on tight

Between the darkness

The lightning strikes


Photographed: Rom Anthonis 







Faithful poetry addicts, I’m sorry for the delay!

In it’s irony I have been so busy creating art, I haven’t had time to sit down and write about it for awhile.

Last month when in Melbourne, friend and photographer Rom Anthonis and I shot together multiple times. The set below was captured on my last morning in Melbourne. We were sitting eating our freshly bought breakfasts, flicking through photography books, with the good intentions of easing into the day.. Which were swiftly overthrown by getting inspired and chasing the morning light up a staircase.

A quick 10 minutes in some natural light and two creatives in the one spot, magic does exist.
PO!SON – Amy Heather


She was a poison

Sickly sweet nightmare

You find yourself addicted to


Silent like smoke

Skinny dipping deity

Wrapped up in barbed wire


Forces of nature

She opens like a flower

Carbon monoxide creeps in


Beware the girl

Once bitten, now bites

Breathe in deeply darling


That’s the way

Filling up black heart

You were already rotten


Amy x


Photographed: Rom Anthonis 





Golden hour

Golden hour – Amy Heather 


In the golden hour

We chase the lazy sun

Before she goes to sleep

For another night


Let’s jump fences

Down narrow paths

Through thick grasses

Around the bend


A Sunday drive

We’ll share stories

With innocent giggles

Laugh a daydream


Wrapped in lace

A barefoot dance

Wander with the pines

Hair caught in light


Mother nature

She taught us well

‘Be still and quiet child’

Sun will catch you


Photographed by the lovely: Shot by Sylph

Featured on: NIF Magazine – ‘Golden Hours Adventures’ by Sylph Sia






Psycho Barbie

Psycho Barbie – Amy Heather 


She’s got no time for you

Staring at reflections

Picking on perfection

Baby’s got blue eyes

Blue hair

Blue heart

In vain is her new art


Messy mop top, call shots

Making up a mischief

Bite my lip and kiss it

Devilry like poison

Poison sweet

Poison heart

In mirrors to tear apart


Electric blue and screaming

She’s hourglass of trouble

Better make that double

Body like a daydream

Psycho mind

Psycho heart

Careful she’s no sweetheart


Getting crazy in a Melbourne hotel room

Photographed: Rom Anthonis 






Go go girl

‘Go go girl’ – Amy Heather 


Go go girl

Rip it up, rip it up girl


Head to toe she’s dripping in gold

Oh here we go, the world is her show


The faster you move the more you let go

Feel it now honey, the night belongs to us


Go go girl

Shred it, shred it girl


Jumping on the beds causing chaos

Hear us screaming up the hotel floors


Her roaming free spirit is electrifying

Like a wrecking ball, breaking down walls


Go go girl

You got it, you got it


Like your favourite daydream

We take over the hotel with mischief


Giggles like a hurricane tumbling

Sweeping us all up, and left breathless


Models: Amy Heather and Emily Mis’chelle

Photographer: Rom Anthonis